How to Prepare Your Fleets for Summertime

FleetNet America Summer

With summer season upon us, it’s crucial to address various maintenance considerations to ensure your fleet runs smoothly and downtime is minimized.  As temperatures rise, it’s essential to pay extra attention to preventive maintenance. Here are key areas to focus on: 

  • Tire Yard Checks: Low air pressure remains a primary cause of tire failures. Regular tire yard checks can preemptively identify issues, reducing road failures. Scheduling these checks during regular business hours can also help mitigate after-hour labor rates. 
  • Batteries / Charging Systems: Heat can significantly impact battery performance. It’s crucial to load test batteries, clean terminals/posts, and verify charging systems are functioning optimally. 
  • Cooling System: Modern engines operate at higher temperatures, demanding top-notch cooling system performance. Regular inspection of belts, idler pulleys, hoses, and coolant levels is essential. Consider replacing belts and hoses older than five years as a preventive measure. 
  • Air Conditioner Inspection: Addressing A/C unit issues preemptively is key to avoiding costly roadside repairs. Regular inspections ensure proper operation and clear condensation drain lines of debris, promoting driver comfort and safety. 

FleetNet America is available 24/7/365 to expedite service and get your units back on the road swiftly. If you have questions about preventive maintenance practices or our Managed Care program, please contact our sales team.  We look forward to supporting your fleet’s success throughout the summer and beyond.