FleetNet Statement On Coronavirus

To FleetNet America’s Customers:

During these unprecedented times FleetNet America is taking steps to protect our personnel so we can assure that we serve your maintenance and repair needs.

What FleetNet is Doing

We are protecting our mission critical operations team (those individuals who handle your roadside and TMcare events) by disbursing individuals from every shift to work remote. We have secured additional computers and software so these teammates will be connected into FleetNet’s systems and able to operate as if they were working in our primary building. We are closely managing all performance metrics and are pleased to advise you that, even with this change in operations, we are maintaining the company’s high performance standards.

We are also redeploying many of our support personnel to reduce the likelihood of unintentionally introducing the virus into our primary workspace. We have reconfigured our office so all remaining individuals are “socially distanced” from one another to further mitigate the risk of infections. The aggressive office space sanitation and focus on best hygienic practices we started last week continues.

Approximately 70% of FleetNet’s workforce is now operating off site which we believe has significantly reduced the risk of infection for our team that serves you.

What Our Customers Can Do

During this transition period we do anticipate some short term loss of productivity. As a FleetNet customer you can easily obtain the information you need to stay on top of maintenance events we handle by taking advantage of the following tools. Your Fleet Support Specialist or sales person can address any questions you have regarding these.

  • Live Event Tracker
    Once you opt in you will receive email notifications that link you to the most current status update of an active roadside repair event. This is the same up-to-date information our agents would see if you were to call into them requesting an update. These can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Get Status
    Customers can now receive roadside event updates via phone without speaking to an agent. Simply follow the instructions when calling in on your normal line. You will be provided with the same update that an agent would be able to provide.
  • Driver Mobile App
    Drivers can quickly create an emergency roadside event and see the current status using this app, which can be found on Apple or Android app stores.
  • On-Line Dispatch
    Dispatchers that initiate events can do so online through the FleetNet secure website. This, and the mobile app, can in many cases be a quicker method to initiate a new event. For access, please contact your Fleet Support Specialist.
  • Event Cancellation
    Should the FleetNet vendor’s services no longer be required during an active event, you can advise us by using the automated prompts on your phone line or using the online cancellation function on the FleetNet web portal. Depending on where the service provider is in the process, we can often cancel the event to avoid charges.

The entire FleetNet team is well aware that we provide a critical service to our customers who are keeping the economy running. We are committed to maintaining our high standards even during this very unusual time.

Jim Buell
Executive VP, Sales and Marketing
FleetNet America