FleetNet America Leadership Team

FleetNet America® excels in vehicle maintenance and repair solutions for commercial and private fleets. Meet the FleetNet America management team and view a brief resume for each member of the group that leads over 350 FleetNet America employees.


John Wood


John Wood joined FleetNet America in 2012 as Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration, bringing over 27 years of expertise in finance and administration management. Prior to joining FleetNet America, he was Controller for DeWitt Petroleum, CFO of GI Trucking and Revenue Control Manager for Carolina Freight Carriers. He became President of FleetNet America on December 1, 2018.

Stephen Crane

Executive Vice President, Operations

Stephen Crane joined FleetNet America in 2007. He is responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the day to day operations of TMcare®, Training & Change Management teams, as well as overall responsibility for Roadside and Service Provider Network. He was employed with Carolina Freight Carriers for over 15 years, beginning as a terminal manager and working up to managing the largest facilities in the system along with other responsibilities at the corporate office in Cherryville, North Carolina. Prior to joining FleetNet America, he held various management positions with several trucking companies that resulted in positive sales growth and productivity.

Bryan Johnson

Executive Vice President, Information Technology

Bryan Johnson joined FleetNet America in 2007. He is responsible for management and coordination of the Information Technology department. Since joining FleetNet America, he has been in numerous technical and management positions, propelling the company toward innovative and robust solutions designed to further the efficiency and resiliency required by the company.

Jeremy Mikell

Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement

Jeremy Mikell joined FleetNet America in 2008. In his current role, he is responsible for the company's focus on customer engagement and growth strategy as he leads the sales, marketing, and business intelligence teams within the company.  Having a diverse background in the areas of accounting, finance, data analytics, operations, and sales, Jeremy has held multiple leadership roles at FleetNet America, most recently having served as Vice President, Controller. Jeremy brings clear focus and discipline to his areas of responsibility with an emphasis on continual enhancement to the experience of the customer.

Leah Aikey

Vice President, Controller

Leah Aikey joined FleetNet America in November 2020. Her responsibilities include providing leadership, planning, and the coordination of the finance and accounting functions of the company in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Leah was previously employed by the public accounting firm EY for over five years as an assurance auditor and held positions related to Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Internal Controls in ArcBest Corporate Accounting beginning in 2011. She is a US Army veteran and a graduate of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Arkansas. Leah brings her knowledge of Accounting and focus on Internal Controls and Process Improvement to her areas of responsibility at FleetNet America.

Don Doty

Vice President, Service Provider Network

Don Doty joined FleetNet America in 2016. He is responsible for planning, development, and management of FleetNet America's Roadside Operations and Service Provider networks. He has over 13 years of transportation services management and retail management experience. Prior to joining FleetNet America, he held management positions with other companies associated with the transportation services industry.

Paul Gildenhorn

Vice President, Sales

Paul Gildenhorn joined FleetNet America in 2011, bringing over 22 years of experience in managing large teams of sales professionals. He is responsible for building, equipping and leading a team of senior sales executives to deliver customer-focused ideas.

Jeffrey Godwin

Vice President, Software Solutions

Jeffrey Godwin has over twenty-five years in the towing industry. His experience in the towing business began with a dispatch and office management role and has included every aspect of towing company operations. Jeffrey was a part of Texas operations purchased early in the RoadOne consolidation and worked in that corporate office, responsible for over 100 field IT operations nationwide. He joined towXchange (now TXI Systems) as a partner in late 2003 to continue the sales of the software system and benefits program developed while at RoadOne. Jeffrey is currently President of FTI Groups, offering the towPartners program as well as a variety of industry tools marketed under the sureEcosystem brand. FTI Groups is now part of the ArcBest family of companies.

Tim Moore

Vice President, TMcare® Operations

Tim Moore joined FleetNet America in 2016, bringing over 30 years of fleet operations and maintenance management experience. Prior to joining FleetNet America, Tim held various management positions in his career most recently with Watkins Refrigerated preceded by FedEx Freight, Watkins Motor Lines and Carolina Freight Carriers Corp. He is responsible for leading the TMcare Operations.

Misty Bryant

Senior Director, Roadside Operations

Misty Bryant joined FleetNet America  in 2008. She is responsible for leading the day-to-day efforts of the call center.  Since joining FleetNet America, Misty has served in various capacities in the Accounting, Roadside, and Service Provider Network departments. She is a graduate of the ArcBest Leadership Academy's inaugural class and is a TMC certified VMRS specialist.

Evan Costner

Senior Director, Roadside Quality Solutions 

Evan Costner joined FleetNet America in 1997. He is responsible for managing and leading the on-boarding processes for new Roadside customers as well as designing, managing and implementing protocol changes for existing customers. He also ensures systems and related processes are optimized for Roadside operations, collaborating with the Roadside management team for an overall quality customer experience. 

Mike Hagaman

Senior Director, Customer Engagement

Mike Hagaman joined FleetNet America in 1994. He is responsible for the oversight and leadership of FleetNet America's efforts in the management of customer relationships, serving as an engagement liaison between the FleetNet America client base and overall operations throughout FleetNet America. He has over 30 years of sales and customer relationship management experience as a founding member of the FleetNet America team.

Steve Cochran

Director, IT Technical Services

Steve Cochran joined FleetNet Americain 2019 as Director, IT Technical Services. He is responsible for leading a team that will manage the systems responsible for Client Technologies, Network Infrastructure, and Data Center Operations. This team works closely with the Software Development department to support and manage the implementation and daily operations of applications to both internal users and external clients. With previous roles including data center operations management, engineering, and other information technology experience Steve brings over 35 years of knowledge to this organization.

Lloyd Faulkner

Director, Software Development

Lloyd Faulkner joined FleetNet America in 2020 as the Director of Software Development. He brings over 20 years of experience leading teams through the architecture and development of web, cloud, and mobile solutions.  He also collaborates closely with the Technical Services department to implement modern DevSecOps approaches and adds deep Agile knowledge and experience to product delivery teams.

Mark Madias

Director, Sales Operations

Mark Madias joined FleetNet America in 2014. In his current role, his responsibilities include directing the day-to-day operations of Sales and Marketing while continuing to support and enhance the collaborative efforts between the Customer Engagement and Operations teams. He has served in various roles in Customer Engagement during his tenure at FleetNet America, with his first role as a Regional Account Executive. He then became the company’s first Digital Account Executive in 2016. In 2018, he was promoted to Manager of Sales Operations, where he managed a team of Digital Account Executives and the Sales Support Team.