About FleetNet

About FleetNet America Inc.

FleetNet America® provides private and for-hire commercial fleets with comprehensive fleet repair and maintenance services. We help customers improve their business by reducing downtime and maintenance events while enjoying best-in-class preventive maintenance (PM) compliance at the lowest total cost. We manage our service providers and the maintenance process through our Roadside and TMcare® programs — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. FleetNet America is designed to service medium and heavy duty commercial equipment with emergency roadside assistance and fleet maintenance needs.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

FleetNet America utilizes a network of over 60,000 service providers to provide vehicle repair and emergency road service throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our Roadside coordinators average over 25 years of truck maintenance and repair experience, adding valuable expertise that gets you back on the road as quickly as possible. FleetNet also operates a Towing and Recovery program to address non-consensual towing, incident management and accident management. With access to the largest nationwide medium and heavy duty towing network, FleetNet America provides better rates and faster service for our customers.

Equipment Relocation

FleetNet America also offers solutions to relocate equipment within your system and to move new or abandoned equipment to other locations, saving you time and money. We partner with several driveaway companies to offer competitive rates and excellent services. We find the best available rate based on the location of the unit, driver availability and timeframe that fits your needs.

Fleet Maintenance

Through our TMcare® program, a FleetNet America Fleet Manager becomes part of your team and works with management, the original equipment manufacturer and other FleetNet America representatives to ensure your best interest is protected. Our Fleet Managers have an average of 30 years of maintenance experience directly managing commercial vehicle fleets. FleetNet America operates under the premise of continuous interaction and feedback from the customer to properly steer your maintenance program in the right direction. Each Fleet Manager is a member of various state maintenance councils and associations in order to maintain best practices and stay aware of the latest industry news and regulations.

FleetNet America’s Philosophy

We believe in giving customers the tools and information to make informed business decisions to save time and reduce costs. While this concept isn’t new to FleetNet America, it is a different approach than others in the industry. FleetNet America is changing the direction of fleet maintenance with flexibility, transparency, communication and information accessibility.

Flexibility means we offer a full line of solutions to allow customers to build a program that fits their specific needs.

Transparency is ingrained in our everyday business. For example, we pass through service provider invoices to the customer without markup, so you see the exact charges for each specific service. Another example is our electronic history file for TMcare® customers. Users are able to view previous data at any time, accessible via our secure website 24/7.

Communication is constant between FleetNet America employees and customers to keep everyone informed on what is happening at each stage of the event. Customers never have to guess what is going on with their equipment. Communications range from text messaging options to seamless integration with the nation’s leading satellite providers, integration with your billing systems and much more.

Information Accessibility is essential to managing your fleet properly. FleetNet America provides extensive data including Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) coding and costing, fault code reporting and more. With this information, customers can lower PM costs and prevent future breakdowns by making changes to their engine parameters or adjusting equipment specifications.