How Truck Repair Works with FleetNet America

FleetNet roadside repair process

Managing fleet breakdowns

Roadside breakdowns are inconvenient and can result in unexpected downtime, delayed deliveries and unhappy customers. When emergency roadside events occur, it’s important to contact a repair service that can get you up and running quickly and efficiently. FleetNet America® is dedicated to reducing repair time and turning chaotic situations into order. When problems arise, we strive to get your truck back on the road faster than anyone else in America.

How FleetNet America handles truck breakdowns 

FleetNet America established a breakdown service department in 1993 and has spent many years implementing processes that facilitate a timely and quality repair process. We offer flexible and customizable solutions 24/7/365 so we can act fast when an emergency event takes place. Check out the infographic below to see how we resolve truck breakdown events.


The FleetNet Process

When breakdowns occur, FleetNet is ready to help. With solid methods in place, we can get you back on the road quicker than anyone else in the industry. Here’s what we focus on:  

Advanced diagnosis

When customers contact FleetNet America for roadside emergencies, our primary concern is making sure the driver is safe. Once we’ve established the driver isn’t in danger, we focus on solving the problem. Our dedicated coordinators average 20 years of mechanical experience, so they can diagnose issues over the phone before dispatching a vendor. This way they can find the best service provider for the job.

Strong vendor relationships 

FleetNet America acts as a third party between you and the service provider. With access to more than 60,000 vendors nationwide, we’re able to find a reliable service provider close to your location and dispatch them quickly. Many of our providers include multigenerational family businesses that date back to our beginning as Carolina Freight. To make sure your breakdown receives the care and urgency it requires, we work to build strong, professional and long-lasting relationships with vendors.

Continuous follow-ups 

After we dispatch a service provider, a member of our dedicated personnel follows up with them and your business until your truck is back on the road safely. Follow-up calls are typically made when a vendor is assigned, during the event and when the maintenance is complete.

Convenient payment process

The driver isn’t responsible for paying the vendor once repairs are made. Instead, the service provider sends us the invoice, and our billing department checks it thoroughly for accuracy. If the repairs noted and prices charged are accurate, we pay the vendor (or vendors if more than one is required). Then, we send you a single invoice for the event, and you pay us upon receiving it.

VMRS coding

The billing department uses Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) coding to track repairs and equipment components. This service keeps track of each vehicle in your fleet and includes the reasons for each repair that’s made so cost analysis can be performed.

Call us during an emergency roadside breakdown

Prolonged breakdowns stall production time and hurt business. Get back on the road faster with FleetNet America. Call 855-836-3912 to learn more about our emergency roadside assistance process and how we can help.