Customer Mobile Device Use

Customer Mobile Device Use – Terms and Conditions

FleetNet America, Inc Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Wireless Short Messaging Service (SMS) also known as “Text Messaging”, or simply, “Texting” and Location Assistance Services

FleetNet America, Inc (FleetNet) makes every effort to comply with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Consumer Best Practices Guideline for the use of text messages for conducting its customer notification and location assistance services. To review these guidelines, go to

Messages Delivered by FleetNet

Upon receiving activation notification or approval from a customer through one of the following mediums: Voice, IVR, Email, SMS, Web, or other directive from the billing-responsibility party, FleetNet may send text messages to advise its customer specific details concerning an active Roadside Assistance, Preventive Care, or other event that is directly related to the customer and within a reasonable time-frame of such event occurring. Typical messages include content related to reference numbers, approvals, event status, and reminders of open or in-progress events.

These messages are sent via a messaging gateway by the wireless carrier that provisioned the order for FleetNet services.

For all messages sent or received by FleetNet, the standard messaging rates (charges) imposed by the wireless carrier, if any, for delivering or accepting a message will apply.

Ending Message Delivery

Every message sent by FleetNet includes instructions to reply STOP to cease future messages being sent on behalf of our customers. When FleetNet, or FleetNet’s designated message gateway provider, receives a STOP message via a reply, FleetNet and the messaging gateway provider, are compelled by the MMA guidelines to inform the recipient of the original message that no additional messages will be sent, and to not deliver any further messages for any reason.

Obtaining Help

If a message recipient wishes to get HELP on the FleetNet notification services to better explain why he received the message, the recipient can send reply with HELP to the message. FleetNet will respond with a message that directs the sender to this portion of the web site.

Restarting Services

If a recipient, or any other person, has sent STOP, CANCEL, or any other word, or has verbally instructed a STOP command, that could be reasonably interpreted as meaning the recipient wanted text messages from FleetNet to cease, but later determines that he does want to receive messages from FleetNet, the party wishing to restart services should inform FleetNet in one of the following communication methods: Voice, Written, IVR, Email, SMS or through our website.

Location Assistance Services

At the time FleetNet’s services are utilized, FleetNet may request approval from the customer to assist in determining the location of a caller by using GPS or cell-based location data provided by the caller’s mobile device. This method of location determination is only used once per customer approval, unless the customer has indicated that subsequent location “pings” may be determined without additional verification, and only when such approval has been received in writing or other verifiable electronic form from the  billing-responsible  party.  Location  based  services  can  only be requested and utilized during the time a customer event is in progress.

Other Issues or Questions

If this information does not address a concern you have about FleetNet’s use of text messages, or SMS, please send an e-mail to, or call us at 800-438-8961 during normal business hours (Eastern Time).