Deliver Better Customer Service by Minimizing Downtime with FleetNet’s Roadside Service

FleetNet’s Roadside service focuses on getting customers’ trucks and trailers back on the road faster than anyone else. Equipment on the side of the road costs money. FleetNet’s investment in securing the finest maintenance vendors assures superior Roadside service. Our processes make sure each event is handled efficiently and the appropriate personnel are involved to create control out of a naturally chaotic situation. 

Reduce Maintenance Events with FleetNet’s Fleet Maintenance

FleetNet can help reduce maintenance events by providing benchmarked data allowing maintenance teams to best identify issues that need to be addressed. We help customers gain better control of their fleet and provide unique insights to make their maintenance operation even more productive. 

Achieve the Lowest Total Maintenance Cost

FleetNet’s TMcare® program provides dedicated maintenance teams to manage all maintenance events for specific assets. Our experience, combined with proven, home-grown processes, provides best-in-class PM compliance at the lowest total maintenance cost. 

Reduce Towing Costs

By taking advantage of the largest nationwide heavy and medium duty towing network available, FleetNet customers enjoy reduced rates, faster response, and 24/7 service.