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Cost Reduction Data

By capturing information on each event via VMRS coding, FleetNet can help you reduce maintenance events by providing data to help you make even better maintenance decisions. This data allows your maintenance team to best identify issues that need to be addressed with your fleet.  

By providing unique insights to make your maintenance operation even more productive, we help you gain even better control of your fleet. Measuring your miles between breakdowns and miles between repairs (VMRS codes) allows you to compare your company year over year, against regions or locations and in the near future, against the industry. This benchmarking allows you to see if improvements are needed in specific areas such as equipment, processes and procedures. Zeroing in on a few issues will optimize your maintenance team’s time, allowing them to focus on solving problems instead of chasing them. Finding solutions will result in fewer breakdowns, thus saving money. 

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standard (VMRS)

All aspects of service may be analyzed via VMRS coding allowing reports to be segmented per vehicle operating system for cost analysis and preventive measures. FleetNet has eleven (11) primary cost buckets with unlimited VMRS codes that absorb prices relative to components. All invoices can be translated into your system based on the codes you require. This allows FleetNet to provide detail cost analysis for you to see exactly where the money is going. We utilized latest version of VMRS and keep up to date on all new releases. We code every invoice with the proper system and sub-assembly code along with the proper reason for repair and work accomplish codes. An unlimited number of VMRS codes can be added per invoice. 

VMRS Specialist Certification

The American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has a VMRS Specialist Certification program which has accredited FleetNet personnel with this certification. “VMRS is a vital ingredient to success in the transportation industry”, says Gary Cummings, FleetNet America President and CEO. “FleetNet codes every third-party service provider’s invoice with VMRS. This enables us to give concrete information to our best-in-class customers and explain to other clients who want to be best-in-class."