Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

FleetNet America® utilizes experienced and dedicated staff to manage the fleet maintenance process so you can focus on your core business. We specialize in helping customers keep their equipment on the road, and our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to answer your call. Whether your equipment requires scheduled or unscheduled service, we have the fleet management tools you need to achieve high preventive maintenance compliance at the lowest total maintenance cost.

Maintenance Process

Our Managed Care® program provides all elements of fleet equipment maintenance from scheduling the work to paying the final invoice. Our in-house software and dedicated staff members manage the entire process including third-party service providers, OSHA rules and regulations, and company compliance.

Managed Care® drives savings in four areas:

  • Mechanical
  • Back office
  • Personnel Productivity
  • Decision making
Managed Care Event Process


Your account representative will manage each maintenance event from start to finish. You’ll receive preventive maintenance forms, DOT/FHWA inspection documents and actual copies of service provider invoices in electronic equipment files, and we will audit invoices to ensure the charges are accurate. Our experience indicates most customers realize a mechanical savings of 12-17 percent due to our fleet management process.

Back office

FleetNet America fleet maintenance services are designed to drive efficiency and can result in a significant savings in administrative costs — helping you gain a competitive advantage. For example, by using our consolidated billing option, one FleetNet customer reduced their invoices from over 20,000 to just 52.

Personnel Productivity

With FleetNet America providing dedicated maintenance staff, many customers have found they can operate with fewer resources at the corporate level and/or with less time focused on managing fleet maintenance locally.

Decision making

FleetNet America data provides an opportunity to make better decisions impacting the bottom line. For example, one national retail chain reduced their maintenance cost by $100,000 due to cost avoidance of a driver abuse situation that was realized through the data FleetNet America provides.

Stay on the Road Longer

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