Case Studies

Mar 29

The director of maintenance for a fleet of tractors and a variety of both box and tank trailers wanted comprehensive data in a centralized location to help make decisions regarding the maintenance of his fleet. The company’s in-house technicians handle a portion of the breakdowns, and FleetNet handles over-the-road events. FleetNet developed a program to compile their in-house repairs into the FleetNet system to give them the full maintenance picture. As a result, they have insights into the business that they never had before.  

Mar 1
The fleet director of a food delivery fleet was looking for solutions to increase equipment compliance, reduce out of service vehicles numbers and reduce DOT violations. With a small maintenance staff and the department viewed as a cost center, the fleet had not been properly maintained. Working with FleetNet, she was able to implement successful procedures leading to increased PM compliance.
Feb 15
A customer who did not allow owner/operators to use their company account, but knew it was happening, needed a way to physically bill their owner/operators and collect repair costs. The company openly admitted losing millions of dollars due to these circumstances over the years.
Jan 27
A Director of Maintenance came to FleetNet looking for ways to reduce the number of breakdowns. FleetNet provided cost reduction data that helped the company identify which units were causing the most breakdowns, allowing the company to take action – and save over $1.3 million.
Dec 21

FleetNet's TMcare® Fleet Managers, with 30 years of experience, determined one customer could extend their PM cycle based on the equipment utilization. This saved the customer $240,000 per year.