Service Providers

Become a FleetNet America® Service Provider

FleetNet America is Better for Your Business

The FleetNet America® team is committed to fostering a true partnership environment with independent contractors including tow companies, tire providers, truck repair shops, lockout and other medium and heavy-vehicle repair services within our Service Provider Network. We maintain all business relationships with honesty, integrity and fairness, and we understand that you are the face of FleetNet America to our customers. See how becoming a FleetNet America Service Provider can add value to your business and improve your bottom line.

Increase Your Revenue

FleetNet America manages more than 450,000 maintenance and repair events annually for over 1 million vehicles. By meeting and exceeding our customers’ service expectations, you become a valued partner in supporting our growing customer base.

Improve Your Cash Flow

We negotiate fair and competitive rates and pay you within agreed-upon terms. FleetNet America offers multiple payment options that result in faster payments to you. There are no fees to join our network, and we continually negotiate rates in order to remain competitive across the country.

Drive Cost Savings

FleetNet America believes in supporting industry programs that benefit the provider and fleet communities. We partner with companies to offer our Service Providers discounted products and services that enhance their business and result in several cost savings.

Our Service Providers Deliver Value By:

  • Providing 24-hour emergency roadside and preventive maintenance services at fair and competitive rates.
  • Providing timely invoices with detailed information on services completed.
  • Providing updated and accurate profile information regarding service capabilities, contact information and hours of service.


References available upon request.