Get Connected with FleetNet America

Get Connected with FleetNet America®

Electronically Connected

Electronically connecting with FleetNet America through a software integration or mobile app will allow you to spend less time on the phone and more time running your business. Digitally connecting with FleetNet America allows you to receive assignments quicker with less email and phone communication as well as create invoices, upload documents and receive POs to expedite your payment.  The ease and speed of electronic communication may lead to more dispatch opportunities as well.

FleetNet America is pursuing digital business avenues to our service provider network to improve accuracy and communication to all parties, including our customers.  Electronic communication improves the real-time flow of information which allows customers to make better logistics and maintenance decisions quicker, improving customer experience.

In the future, FleetNet America will be pursuing even more robust digital connectivity to include real time GPS, audio and video avenues.

Electronic Connection

To learn more about status updates with FleetNet America, check out the following video: