FleetNet Reporting Capabilities

Real Time Information

FleetNet Reporting Capabilities

FleetNet America® offers a broad reporting dashboard that’s fully customizable for each customer. Utilize our flexible reporting applications to investigate current and historic event transactions for total insight into your fleet maintenance program.

Real-Time Reports 

Access your information 24/7 through a secure web login for real-time data regarding your fleet. The customer dashboard welcomes each user to the secured site with their personal login permissions for essential security. The dashboard can be personalized to your most-used report options to keep information at your fingertips.

Roadside Activity Center

The dashboard displays current active breakdowns with a short cut to the Roadside Activity Center. This web view allows management to see what is happening with the fleet by displaying all active roadside events in actual time. Detailed links allow the user to view additional data related to the specific event.

Managed Care® Activity Center

The Managed Care® Activity Center gives management the visibility to see what is happening with the fleet at each location in real-time, allowing them to be involved every step of the way. Management can review repairs over a certain cost threshold and either authorize the repair or control the repair decisions. Local managers within large companies have access to the activity center for their specific location, authorizing them to maintain local influence. The activity center provides a detailed view of high-cost events and access to unit histories plus future scheduled events. With this flexibility, management has the option to get involved as much or as little as they deem necessary.   

Customizable Reporting Metrics

FleetNet America is an analytics-driven organization, using multiple standard measurements and key performance indicators (KPI) to manage our business. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the KPIs your company would like measure and monitor. For assistance or guidance setting up your dashboard, or to customize KPIs based on your business model, contact us at sales@fleetnetamerica.com or 855.836.3912.