Our Processes

Our Processes

Whether it’s a breakdown on the side of the road or scheduled maintenance, we understand that out-of-service equipment can be bad for your business. Our “nothing falls through the cracks” mindset extends throughout all of our processes, and it begins the moment we answer your call — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Our Roadside Assistance Process
When you call, we answer ready to help.

  • We enter the important details into our internally developed computer system.
  • A mechanically experienced coordinator assesses the issues and submits an initial diagnosis to determine the right service provider for your needs.
  • We dispatch the service provider to the equipment location and relay your specific instructions and protocols to them.
  • We aggressively follow up with the service provider throughout the process to ensure a sense of urgency.
  • Once complete, we notify you of completion times and details via email, and you can review this and other important data online, through a secured login environment.

If you have specific units or types of events for which you need additional notifications — we can handle it. Our system is equipped to alert our coordinators and/or send email notifications to your personnel based on your needs.

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Our Managed Care® Process

When it comes to preventive maintenance, FleetNet America® is a leader in the industry. We provide a dedicated team to manage the maintenance status and compliance of all your vehicles — providing robust, real-time data that helps better manage your fleet. 

  • We team with you to develop a unique program that meets your needs.
  • We constantly work with your management team to improve operational processes.
  • We communicate regularly with service providers to make sure your expectations are met.
  • We audit invoices for accuracy and cost.
  • We review provider contracts, insurance compliance and other forms and documents related to the maintenance and repair of your fleet. 

Costs are managed at the local level, giving you more control and insight into what your maintenance costs really are.

Learn more about FleetNet America Managed Care.

Our Service Provider Process

We take the necessary steps to ensure our network of independent contractors, OEMS and dealers includes reliable, skilled service providers. When a customer has an event, we match the provider to the desired service on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria:

  • Customer preference
  • Proximity to the downed unit
  • Internal ranking score
  • Provider availability (time of day)
  • Provider skill set

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