Communication and Integration

Integration with your Existing Infrastructure

Our systems easily accept your data files that include specifics such as driver, unit or lease information. Making these details available to our Roadside Coordinators or Managed Care® personnel decreases communication errors and reduces fraudulent service attempts.

FleetNet America® integrates with many top maintenance software solutions to help maximize your information database. Compatible systems include TMT Systems, Dossier, Maximo, Service Channel and more. The data we collect during your repair and maintenance events can be transmitted into your existing applications so you can see the big picture, all in one place. Common data transfers include billing details, event information, repair code/cost breakdowns, or any combination of these. Data is typically shared electronically via FTP in either CSV or XML formats, although custom formats are also available upon request. If your system supports real-time web services, you’ll have instant access to your data. 

Electronic Notification 

Opt to receive an immediate notification via email, text or fax when FleetNet America services are in use. Use this option to automate interoffice communication when several people (such as operations, the maintenance department, dispatch and more) need to stay informed about equipment status. Email also is used to send automatic reports and invoices (available at either a weekly or monthly frequency). 

Text Messaging 

Sign up for text-message alerts to receive information such as reference numbers, repair and maintenance updates (including estimated arrival times and completion notifications), or cancellation confirmation. Customers can choose this option for all events or use it on a per-occurrence basis. 

Customer Web Dashboard  

Access a flexible reporting dashboard that’s customized to fit your needs. Read more about our online customer activity center or contact your sales account representative for more information on one-way and two-way integrations.

Methods of Contact 

Contact the FleetNet America Roadside service center, Managed Care® service center and corporate offices through the toll-free numbers below.

Roadside Service Center 800.972.8872
Managed Care® Service Center 800.280.1244
Corporate Office 800.438.8961

In some instances, a dedicated toll-free number can be created for direct customer use. Using a dedicated number allows a personalized prompt, special call reporting and custom menu options. It also facilitates an easier transition if the customer chooses to roll calls from an existing dispatch center directly to a FleetNet America representative, without disrupting the user’s experience. 

In-Cab Communication Systems

Companies like QualComm and PeopleNet have made huge advances in truck-cab (or in-cab) communications. These systems allow for driver-to-dispatch real-time chat, GPS location tracking and ECM integration. FleetNet America has the ability to “piggy-back” on these systems to allow two-way communication with drivers directly into our emergency service center. Drivers and coordinators will have immediate access to the information they need to contact the right service provider. FleetNet America also can utilize information from ECM-integrated solutions to deliver engine fault codes and GPS coordinates to our coordinators. This puts you one step ahead in getting the correct emergency breakdown service scheduled, sometimes before the driver is even aware! 

Online Dispatch Request 

Customers also can choose to register breakdown events online. Simply fill out our online dispatch form and our Roadside coordinators will handle each request in the order it is received. If additional information is needed, you will receive a call to confirm.