Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services are provided by FleetNet America?

FleetNet America provides fleet maintenance and emergency roadside assistance for medium and heavy duty commercial equipment. The way we do business is extremely different from others in the industry. Managed Care®, our fleet maintenance service, is about managing the unit to the customer’s unique specifications; Emergency Roadside is about managing the event or situation to the customer’s unique specifications. Both are about giving the customer the data and information to make effective management decisions about their fleet and equipment. Other services include fleet maintenance management, preventive maintenance, emergency roadside assistance, material handling maintenance management, equipment relocation and towing and recovery.

How long have you been in business?

FleetNet America originated as the breakdown department for Carolina Freight in 1953 and was incorporated as a separate company in 1993.

What is FleetNet America’s financial situation?

FleetNet America has sustained double digit growth in previous years. FleetNet America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCB)

What types of vehicles are serviced?

All types of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, material handling and industrial equipment, excludes automobiles.

How do I know that FleetNet America will handle my equipment specifically as I instruct?

Each customer completes an instruction sheet called a Customer Profile, with detailed instructions on how their account is to be handled. Examples include: Can drivers call directly for service?; Who has authorization for repairs and what are the authorization limits?; Is a PO needed before or after service?; etc.

Is there an enrollment fee?

There is no enrollment fee to sign up for service with FleetNet America.

What is your service coverage area?

FleetNet America, Inc. provides service in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

What makes FleetNet America, Inc. different?

FleetNet is changing the direction of fleet maintenance with Flexibility, Transparency, Communication and Information Accessibility.

Flexibility means we offer a full line of solutions allowing customers the ability to customize a program to fit their specific needs. Transparency is the way FleetNet America does business. An example includes passing through service provider invoices to the customer without markup, therefore, passing savings onto the customer. FleetNet America communicates constantly with customers keeping them informed on what is happening at each stage of the event. The customer never has to guess what is going on with their equipment. Information accessibility is essential to managing the customer’s fleet properly. FleetNet America believes providing data including VMRS coding & costing, fault code reporting, and more is key to this process.

What is VMRS? Why does that help me?

VMRS stands for Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards. FleetNet America uses VMRS to apply costs to emergency roadside and preventive maintenance events across all vehicle types. Customers benefit through detailed analysis of their maintenance costs which give them more control over their expenses.

How do I know what is happening with my breakdowns?

  • Email / Fax — Numerous customers receive immediate notification via email and fax when our service is utilized. This is a great tool for intercompany communications (ie. maintenance department, dispatch, etc.) when customers need to stay informed when equipment is offline.
  • Text Messaging — When we receive calls for assistance and dispatch the appropriate service provider, we alert the caller to the estimated time of arrival for the service provider via text message. Status notifications of the event are sent via text message if the caller opts to receive.
  • Secured Web — Customers have the ability to utilize a flexible reporting application to investigate event transactions; both historic and current.
  • In Cab Communication — These systems allow for two way communications with the driver and our emergency roadside service center allowing immediate access to information.

What cost control measures do you offer for repairs?

Our 3rd party service providers have negotiated rates and we leverage our relationship with these providers to obtain the best rates and services. We offer an assurance that we will continue to do everything we can to bring the best value and service for the best price from the 3rd party service providers we utilize to perform maintenance services. FleetNet America also has the largest nationwide towing network in the industry with negotiated pricing and insurance certificates on file.

How do you measure maintenance program performance?

FleetNet America has various metrics such as: roadside call handling, roadside measurements pertaining to downtime, Managed Care® PM % completion, Managed Care® Cost per Unit, annual budget analysis, and more. We work with customers to determine which metrics offer the best determination of quality service given their unique requirements.

What is your company’s community involvement?

Individual employees volunteer for local community development activities such as: Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, YMCA Board of Directors, Cherryville High School Education Foundation (CHSEF), local church government positions, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice, Boy Scouts of America, Meals on Wheels, local music academies for underprivileged children, local MDA (Jerry’s Kids), volunteer firemen, local youth sports team coaches, Bugles Across America, local theaters, etc. FleetNet America supports the local community by being a part of the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA sports sponsor, local athletic teams sponsor, local school sponsor and various other fundraising and charitable organizations.

Service Provider Information

Who are your service providers?

Independent service providers, as well as every OEM dealer (truck, trailer, and refrigeration) and all major tire brand dealers.

Are your service providers insured?

FleetNet America has 91% of all providers and 99% of Select Towing providers’ insurance certificates on file.

Are service providers monitored and rated for service quality?

Yes. Service providers are ranked on performance, quality of service, and pricing after each completed event.

Can FleetNet America use our preferred service providers?

Yes. Our systems will notify the coordinators of a customer’s preferred providers when the vehicle is in the specific mileage range for that particular provider.

Do you mark up service provider invoices like other companies?

No. We pass through our providers invoices to the customer without markup, therefore, passing the savings onto the customer.

Please describe your payment scenario for a $100 invoice submitted by an independent service provider.

When we receive an invoice from a service provider, we pay the provider within their negotiated terms, process the invoice with VMRS coding, etc. The FleetNet America service fee is then added to the $100 invoice and submitted to the customer for payment to FleetNet America.


How is billing handled?

Invoices can be submitted in a variety of ways based on customer preference. Examples of current methods include US Mail, Email, Fax, Software Integration and EDI Billing. Depending on customer needs and certain threshold criteria, the frequency of invoicing can vary from instantaneous to weekly. Additionally, invoices can be sent individually, batched or consolidated. Due to this level of flexibility, FleetNet America is capable of tailoring the invoicing process to meet customers’ needs.

Do you provide additional billing detail to help me understand my expenses?

FleetNet America utilizes VMRS coding for maintenance costs relative to the systems and assemblies repaired. Because an unlimited number of VMRS codes can be added to each invoice, FleetNet America is able to provide detailed cost analysis to see exactly where maintenance dollars are being spent. FleetNet America utilizes the latest version of VMRS and keeps up to date on all new releases. When necessary, invoices can be translated into the customer’s system based on the codes required.

Can you customize billing codes according to client specifications?

Yes, this can be accomplished depending on choice of billing. If invoicing is done via computer integration, then a translation table (or cross reference) is used to map VMRS codes to the customer’s defined billing codes at the time we push the integrated data into the system(s).

Can I view my invoices online?

Yes. With a secure customer login and specific permissions you can view open invoices, invoices needing POs and various other reports. These reports have drill down capabilities to show greater detail including the actual FleetNet America invoice.

What are your billing terms?

Standard payment terms are Net 15 days from the date of invoicing.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Preferred methods of payment are company check or wire transfer. FleetNet America can also accept ComCheck, T-Chek, EFS, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Managed Care® Information

What is your alternative to full service leasing?

Managed Care® is a transparent program that is an alternative to contract maintenance, full service lease and PEG programs that manages all types of commercial vehicles, material handling and industrial equipment. FleetNet provides all elements of a fleet equipment maintenance program including the establishment and oversight of preventive maintenance programs. Managed Care® is designed to be completely customizable by the customer to meet their specific requirements even if those requirements don’t necessitate the full utilization of all available service offerings within the program.

Describe how you identify, address and communicate best practices information and fleet services industry trends to clients?

Once a customer enrolls in the Managed Care® program, the Fleet Manager becomes part of the customer’s team and works with management, the OEM reps and the FleetNet America account reps to ensure the customer’s best interest is protected. The FleetNet America Fleet Managers have an average of 30 years maintenance experience directly managing vehicle fleets. FleetNet America operates under the premise of continuous interaction and feedback from the customer to properly steer the program in the right direction no matter which program the customer uses. Fleet Managers are members of various state maintenance councils and associations. As they learn new best practices, they teach our employees, who in turn are managing customer’s fleet and equipment.

How do you track warranties?

FleetNet America’s Managed Care® Warranty and Policy Capture allows FleetNet America to work together with the OEMs that you purchased the equipment from and make sure any warranty work and cost associated with that work are not charged to the customer. We have also been successful in identifying certain parts that failed that were not under warranty but due to the nature of the failures we were able to get policy credit. It is FleetNet America’s job to ensure service providers who provide warranties are used. We will use any negotiated agreements customers have with providers. Our internal system is able to track all repairs by unit and these are saved to an electronic equipment file. These files are DOT approved and available on line 24/7. These files contain information about the unit, all service provider invoices and any future scheduled services. This eliminates the need for paper files at each location. This information is also flagged per unit in our system and managed via system controls and perimeters automatically alerting the FleetNet America Account Rep. and/or customer of needed information.

Information Technology

Do you have a technology customer support team for your clients?

FleetNet America has a dedicated IT staff that works closely with our sales department and customers to meet any technological need that may arise from programming to implementation.

Describe the reporting capabilities within your organization’s fleet system?

FleetNet America has a wide variety of report capabilities that are routinely customized to customer specifications. All aspects of service may be analyzed via VMRS coding allowing reports to be segmented per vehicle operating system for cost analysis and preventive measures, as well as, types of system and component failures. These failures can be sorted, grouped and layered in many ways, such as by location, type of operation and equipment make and model. This data can be exported in a multitude of ways depending on the customer’s needs. With this information, customers can prevent future breakdowns by changing their engine parameters and specing their equipment differently.

Can data be exported to Excel format?

Yes, data can be exported into Excel format.

What is the process for managing customized reports?

FleetNet America encourages constant interaction with customers in order to develop “real-time” needs assessments as well as future possibilities to satisfy customer desires. Our in-house IT department is committed to customized-development for individual customer needs to facilitate economies of scale, decrease manual redundant efforts, etc.

Describe the current degree of integration of computer systems.

The integration capabilities of our system are an area of strategic focus. FleetNet America has the ability to transfer or receive data in most all commonly used formats. Currently FleetNet America uses an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) conduit for the majority of its data movement. Maintenance data via flat file is currently being downloaded as well. These transfers are inclusive of accounting and invoicing procedures as well as equipment list updates and alerts. Electronic data is sent automatically as events spontaneously occur. These events are pre-defined and formatted by account to accommodate individual customer needs. This includes email, fax and/or data files. FleetNet America also utilizes ATA/VMRS repair coding to standardize the capture of repair sequence data. In addition to the above-mentioned updates and alerts, this strict adherence to the data forwarding gives FleetNet America the ability to provide real-time email notifications and updates on event status. Real-time status information may also be obtained utilizing FleetNet America’s website 24/7. FleetNet America also has the ability to handle breakdowns completely via satellite interface formats. FleetNet America utilizes custom software designed specifically to monitor these inbound communications. Newer technologies such as XML, web methods, etc. can also be utilized depending on customer’s preference. These back-office efficiencies allow the customer to eliminate paper and redundancies. FleetNet America handles paying the service providers, issuing 1099s, auditing the service provider invoices, collecting insurance certificates and more.

Describe your system’s ability to track fleet costs and provide vehicle costs analysis.

FleetNet America has several was to track and report vehicle costs analysis. These are described below.

  • Managed Care® Budget Bank — This is a graphical report that allows the customer to establish yearly budgets for the equipment under FleetNet America’s management. A budget is then established for each individual piece of equipment. This enables the customer to view on a daily basis by unit or company where each stands toward the budgeted goal.
  • Mechanical costs by location and type of service — Report of mechanical costs by location and type of service over a period of time (maximum of one year).
  • Managed Care® Unit Event History — This enables the customer to search by unit to find the following information on a particular unit: the FleetNet America PO, the description of the event, a PDF of the service provider’s invoice, the provider’s status, the invoice amount, the authorization number, the date completed (or scheduled date and due date). The user is able to export the information to an Excel worksheet for sorting, etc.
  • Managed Care® Activity Center — This web view allows management to see what is happening with the fleet at every location in real time as well as be involved in the process every step of the way. The estimate process allows management to review repairs over certain amounts and either authorize the repair or control what is repaired. Local managers have access to their specific activity center for local influence. The activity center provides a view of “high cost” events before they hit the P&L and access to unit histories and future scheduled events. Basically, the activity center allows management to get involved as they deem necessary.
  • Cost Summary by Repair — This report gives a location summary of costs by repair code for the specified time period.

How frequently is online information updated?

The website information is a real-time view. Activity centers, etc. automatically refresh every 3-5 seconds.

Enrollment Information

How do I become a FleetNet America customer?

Contact us via the following options or complete the Customer Information Request form.

By phone: 855.836.3912

By email: leads@fleetnetamerica.com

By fax: 704.435.7085

Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions

How are service providers paid?

When the service provider is dispatched on a FleetNet America call, we guarantee their payment. We offer multiple payment options that result in faster payment to the service provider.

Is there a fee to join your service provider network?


Does FleetNet America set service provider rates?

No. We negotiate rates in order to stay competitive for each region.

What is the Managed Care® service provider coverage area?

It is based on the customer’s locations.

What is the objective of FleetNet America’s Select Towing & Recovery program?

In order to keep pace with FleetNet America’s annual double digit growth, our objective is to continue to grow our pre-selected database of towing & recovery service providers with negotiated rates. We are committed to continuing a valued business relationship with our service providers built on loyalty, trust and performance.

What are the benefits to a service providers to join FleetNet’s Select Towing & Recovery program?

Primary coverage area, guaranteed payment and negotiated rates. This relationship will bring increased business revenue opportunities to the members of the program.

I am a FleetNet America service provider already, how does the Select program benefit me?

You move to the top of the service provider list for all calls in your coverage area and will be contacted over other service providers if a select service provider is not already in place.