FleetNet America Announces CSA Solutions

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, November 5, 2010) FleetNet America is pleased to announce a cost effective solution to a common problem that will become even more frequent with the full implementation of CSA. Many FleetNet customers utilize our emergency roadside services (Emergency Roadside) and also have instances where they need ‘immediate’ assistance on a local level at their facility or a drop yard.

Beginning in November 2010, FleetNet will initiate the handling of “Simultaneous Events” which will allow customers to call FleetNet to dispatch, follow-up and pay 3rd party mechanical vendors to handle multiple on-site events with all the specific customer accountability controls, VMRS coding, payment processing and other FleetNet functionality that comes with our services at a lower “per occurrence” fee than typical emergency roadside events because of the dispatching of a single vendor for more than one repair performed at the same time. “Simultaneous Events” will take advantage of FleetNet’s best in class handling of emergency roadside events to handle immediate on-site mechanical repairs to enable equipment to get repaired before getting on the road. “Simultaneous Events” is a great cost savings solution for companies with facilities that do not have dedicated shops or mechanical personnel.

Necessary repairs that are not addressed before getting on the road will obviously cause concern for DOT inspections under the CSA regulations. FleetNet is committed to handling equipment maintenance requirements in a highly customized manner, based on the specific desires of our customers to enable the customer to continue to be fully compliant with CSA requirements.

Another entirely different remedy to meeting the CSA requirements is FleetNet’s Managed Care program – the optimum solution for positive on-site DOT inspection adherence. Customers have 24/7 online access to unit history files, inclusive of the 3rd party vendors invoices and full accountability of PM and FHWA compliance. Managed Care is an extension of a company’s fleet maintenance program and manages the fleet according to the customer’s specifications and current laws thus becoming a true partner in managing your fleet maintenance needs and keeping your equipment fully compliant.

FleetNet America, Inc. is a third-party vendor management company that coordinates emergency roadside events and all other scheduled/unscheduled maintenance management services. The continental 24/7 coverage includes towing and recovery in addition to any maintenance for commercial equipment and material handling equipment through specific customer requirements in the US and Canada.

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