FleetNet America Announces New Communication & Technology Features to Vendors

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, April 22, 2011) FleetNet America exhibited at the Florida Trade Show International Expo last week with a record attendance of over 4500 attendees. The Florida Trade Show International Expo is a showcase for wrecker manufacturers and distributors of towing equipment to introduce their new equipment. FleetNet America announced future plans to service providers at the show, including new communication and technology features to enhance business relationships between service providers and FleetNet regarding dispatching, new billing and payment methods. With FleetNet’s reputation in the industry, vendors were extremely excited to hear about more business opportunities in the near future with the new business plans.

If you would like to learn more about FleetNet America, please contact our sales department at 1-800-438-8961 ext. 2550.

FleetNet America, Inc. is the premier industry leading third-party vendor management company that coordinates maintenance management services. These services are comprised of emergency roadside events and all other scheduled/unscheduled services for commercial and material handling equipment. FleetNet’s Coordinators and Fleet Managers, who average more than 25 years of maintenance and repair expertise, utilize a network of over 60,000 vendors throughout the continental United States and Canada. Through the FleetNet Select Towing and Recovery Program, FleetNet’s customers have nationwide access to preferential towing and recovery providers at competitive prices. Managed Care, a division of FleetNet, specializes in fleet maintenance management programs and customizes solutions to the customer’s specific needs thus becoming a true partner in managing their fleet maintenance and keeping equipment fully compliant. 

Contact: Ms. Heather C. Holt
       Telephone: (800) 438-8961 Ext. 2544