FleetNet America, Inc. Announces a Lift Truck Maintenance Management Program

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, August 3, 2009) Lift Trucks are a critical element of warehouses, distribution centers and many other businesses. However, few companies have a preventive maintenance program for this invaluable equipment. A non-operational lift truck means that trucks are not being loaded and freight is not being shipped. A properly maintained lift truck can significantly reduce your repair expenses by fixing them before they become a major repair item and saving you valuable downtime.

FleetNet America, Inc announces a Lift Truck Maintenance Management Program designed to handle your lift truck maintenance needs while controlling your maintenance costs and keeping your equipment in profitable operating condition. We will alert you of mechanical issues before they turn into costly repairs, maximizing equipment uptime and keeping your lift trucks in peak condition. Our program monitors maintenance costs, hours of usage, equipment condition and other factors that can affect performance. We provide this information to you via our secure web environment 24/7.

This program is under our TMcare division which encompasses the management and administration of all maintenance, handled through third party vendors, for commercial equipment. FleetNet provides all elements of a fleet equipment maintenance program including the establishment and oversight of preventive maintenance programs. The purpose of TMcare is to manage vendors and the maintenance process, ensuring sound maintenance programs at every location nationwide, as well as OSHA rules and regulations and company compliance. FleetNet’s management of the vendors and maintenance process allows management to see “where the money is going.” Each invoice is audited for accuracy and compliance. The TMcare program allows consolidated billing, interfacing with the customer’s cost tracking system as well as dollar level thresholds for estimates and approvals.

Our TMcare team audits and edits the repair integrity, negotiates PM pricing and locks in hourly fees for sub PM repairs. The main focus of TMcare is to setup, schedule, validate, and complete PMs and unscheduled repairs. The program captures completed PM forms, OSHA documents, and actual copies of the vendor’s invoices. We also provide an ASP model to prevent the costly purchase of hardware and software thus minimizing capital expenditures for your company.

FleetNet America, Inc. is a third-party vendor management company that coordinates emergency roadside services and maintenance management services for commercial equipment. FleetNet receives nationwide service calls at its 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year call center in Cherryville, North Carolina. FleetNet’s Roadside call coordinators average more than 25 years of truck maintenance and repair experience. A network of over 60,000 truck repair vendors is used to provide scheduled maintenance services, vehicle repair and emergency road services throughout the continental United States and Canada. Through the FleetNet Select Towing and Recovery Program, FleetNet’s customers have nationwide access to preferential towing and recovery providers at competitive prices.

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