FleetNet America, Inc. Announces the Handling of its Two Millionth Event

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, December 27, 2011) FleetNet America, Inc. announces the handling of its two millionth event Tuesday, December 20, 2011. This milestone could not have been reached without our loyal customers and vendors we have partnered with over the last two decades. In 1993, the company was incorporated to allow the opportunity for other trucking companies to take advantage of our established nationwide breakdown service, meaningful data systems, etc. By 2004, we reached the first milestone of 500,000 service events handled. With the addition of new services, new customers and more managed equipment, FleetNet’s next milestone was reached in almost one third of the time. The 1,000,000 service event was performed on September 23, 2007. Now, four years later managing over 500,000 pieces of equipment, we doubled the amount of events to reach the 2,000,000 event. Based upon future growth plans, we are expecting to reach the 3,000,000 milestone in about half the time it took to reach the two million milestone. FleetNet continues to grow to be better prepared to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

FleetNet America Inc. is a third-party vendor management company that coordinates emergency roadside events and all other scheduled and unscheduled maintenance management services. The continental 24/7 coverage includes towing and recovery in addition to any maintenance for commercial equipment and material handling equipment through specific customer requirements in the US and Canada.