FleetNet America System Solutions

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, June 21, 2010) FleetNet America, Inc. has two basic services that are customized to each customer’s need. The first, Roadside, encompasses the emergency repair of class 3 through class 8 vehicles. The second, TMcare, encompasses the management and administration of all maintenance, handled through third party vendors, for all types of commercial equipment including forklifts – including but not limited to the PM schedules, FHWA annual inspections, pre-trip inspection repairs, etc. FleetNet has a platform that allows for customers to customize their individual solution. Beyond the Roadside emergency services and the TMcare flexible solutions, we offer other specialized services such as the management of unique vendor requirements for on-site repairs, specific vendor insurance requirements and the like. We offer detailed computer integration and development to enhance the customer’s availability to operational data.

One specific solution under the TMcare umbrella is called the “TMcare System Solution”. Its focus is to bring the dynamic reporting engine available on the web to customers that do not need TMcare to manage the vendors in the coordination and auditing of the repairs. The “TMcare System Solution” is a software solution specifically designed to accumulate and report the maintenance records of specific units enrolled in the program – from every detailed mechanical repair for each individual unit to higher level accumulated reporting for locations, regions or the corporate level.

FleetNet’s System Solutions has several flexible options to meet the customer’s needs. The basic premise of System Solution is to VMRS code the repairs, verify repairs made and pay the vendor’s invoice for a customer. The customer handles setting up the vendor and instructing services to be performed.

The primary option for processing maintenance records into the system begins with web access and the customer setting up a PO in the FleetNet system. This method offers the best solution for accountability and control. The process begins in FleetNet’s system once we receive the invoice for an event. FleetNet receives the vendor invoice via fax or email from the customer or the vendor based on the customer profile preference. Once the vendor invoice is received, the billing department then reviews the invoice and inputs information (using VMRS Coding) into the FleetNet systems. The review includes updating the PO and other information, auditing the invoice for high prices and unreasonable repairs and communicating findings to the customer. Once the vendor invoice has been approved, FleetNet pays the invoice and invoices the customer for all paid invoices in a set time period.

Other options include the customer paying vendor directly and FleetNet capturing the information. FleetNet operates under the premise of continuous interaction and feedback from the customer to properly steer the program in the right direction. There are significant quantities of reports that are available via the web or manually produced to answer questions that may arise including questions related to cost of repairs, vendor quality, warranty recoveries, equipment availability, operational effectiveness, PM status, etc. FleetNet is the solution for fleet maintenance management services – it’s all about giving administrative tools to the customer.

FleetNet America, Inc. is a third-party vendor management company that coordinates emergency roadside events and all other scheduled/unscheduled maintenance management services. The continental 24/7 coverage includes towing and recovery in addition to any maintenance for commercial equipment and material handling equipment through specific customer requirements in the US and Canada.