Heavy Duty Trucking: “Towing: Finding A Better Way”

Press Release – Everyone has a towing horror story. Here’s what the good guys are doing to take some of the sting out the experience.

The phone call reporting an accident or a broken-down truck inevitably leads fleet managers to ask if they will have to get the rig towed. That’s when the blood pressure really starts to spike. Practically everyone in the business has a horror story about a towing job gone awry.You won’t get those stories here, though. This is about what the good guys are doing to construct a system that will give all the players – carrier, towing company, police and other emergency responders, and insurance companies – a chance to get their work done quickly, safely and at a fair rate.

It’s as complex and intractable a problem as trucking has, for a couple of reasons.

First, towing is a local or regional business that is regulated – if it’s regulated at all – by local or regional government. This means that there’s no national solution. Problems between carriers, towing companies and police have to be solved locally.

Second, communication among…

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