Oren Summer, president of FleetNet America, Inc featured in CCJ Article

Press Release – Oren Summer, president of FleetNet America, envisions his company becoming a clearinghouse for fault codes for anything that resides in a vehicle’s ECM. 

The very nature of VMRS lends itself to drill-down types of analysis, says Oren Summer, president of FleetNet America, a company that manages breakdown services for fleets of all sizes and configurations. 

FleetNet built its own maintenance management system that incorporates VMRS codes and captures hundreds of other data elements on equipment failures and breakdowns. Using its software, FleetNet can prepare various types of reports for customers on failures – by system and by system assembly components, such as the fan hub in an air cooling system. 

Bob Flesher, managing director of vehicle maintenance for FedEx Ground in Moon Township, Pa., says FleetNet’s slicing and dicing of data using VMRS codes has helped him prevent failures from happening. 

“With this help, we have reduced in-route breakdowns by 79.52 percent over the last four years – impressive when you consider that we’ve had double-digit growth during the same time period,” says Flesher. 

While VMRS helps identify trends and simplify reporting, determining the root cause of a failure requires human judgment. But by using historic failure data that’s coded properly, managers can identify root causes quickly.