Technical Training Coordinator Named

Press Release – (Cherryville, North Carolina, March 16, 2009) FleetNet America, Inc announces the establishment of a new and dedicated training department. FleetNet’s Technical Training Department will be administered by Ronnie Moss, previously a TMcare Fleet Manager. Ronnie joined FleetNet America in 2006 with over 20 years experience in the maintenance field. Ronnie began his career as a mechanic for Carolina Freight Carriers in the early 80’s. Previous supervisor experience includes: line haul shop manager, regional maintenance manager, and fleet maintenance manager. The responsibilities of this position will encompass elementary mechanical training up to and including the latest OEM industry updates and equipment/component configurations. The training agenda will include all Class 3 through Class 8 vehicles and will be administered to all FleetNet personnel associated with any type of equipment maintenance, scheduled and un-scheduled.

This position will enhance FleetNet’s focus on continued mechanic training for current and future employees. As the industry continues to advance with mechanical awareness, FleetNet is committed to be ahead of the learning curve. Roadside coordinators, who already average more than 25 years in maintenance and repair experience, remain experts in their field with hands-on vehicle training and more. With the first hand knowledge of vehicles and specs, coordinators not only handle dispatching the right vendor to handle the situation, they can walk customers through a variety of situation without having to contact a vendor.

FleetNet America, Inc. is a third-party vehicle maintenance company that coordinates scheduled and nonscheduled service to truck fleets, owner-operators, original equipment truck manufacturers and after-market equipment providers. FleetNet receives nationwide service calls regarding on-the-road breakdowns at its 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year call center in Cherryville, North Carolina. FleetNet’s Roadside call coordinators, who average more than 25 years of truck maintenance and repair experience, utilize a network of over 60,000 truck repair vendors to assist in providing vehicle repair and emergency road service throughout the continental United States and Canada.

FleetNet schedules and manages routine and non-routine maintenance services through our preventive maintenance program, TMcare. Our TMcare team audits and edits the repair integrity, negotiates PM pricing and locks in hourly fees for sub PM repairs. Services range from light duty units domiciled or positioned sparsely throughout the U.S. to transient or domiciled heavy duty tractors and trailers. The main focus of TMcare is to set up, schedule, validate, and complete PMs and unscheduled repairs in areas where you do not have maintenance facilities. The program captures completed PM forms, DOT/FHWA inspection documents, and actual copies of the vendors’ invoices. We also provide an ASP model to prevent the costly purchase of hardware and software thus minimizing capital expenditures for your company.

Contact: Ms. Heather C Holt
    Telephone: (800) 438-8961 Ext. 2544