The Skill is improving your personal know-how to benefit your department and customers. The Will is maintain a high standard of accuracy.

For a customer of any type of business, data is valuable. At FleetNet America, maintaining a high standard of accuracy helps customers have the information they need to manage their vehicle fleets efficiently. 

As FleetNet’s manager of billing workflow, Misty Hansley ensures the billing department is trained in the proper use of VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) coding. FleetNet uses VMRS to apply costs to emergency roadside and preventive maintenance events across all vehicle types. For customers, VMRS offers detailed information of maintenance repairs. 

In April, the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council awarded Misty the 100th VMRS Specialist Certification. 

The Technology & Maintenance Council announced the Certified VMRS Specialist program in January 2014. Once she decided to seek the certification, Misty spent several weeks studying for the VMRS Knowledge and Proficiency Exam. 

“FleetNet codes every third-party vendor’s invoice with VMRS,” said Gary Cummings, FleetNet America president and CEO. “This enables us to give concrete information to our best-in-class customers and explain to other clients who want to be best in class.” 

Misty’s effort to improve her skills will continue to aid her department in its pursuit of excellence and will add value for FleetNet customers.