Who Ya Gonna Call?: A bit of background on some of the top-tier motor clubs

T&R Footnotes, April 2012 

Who  Ya  Gonna  Call?:  A  bit  of  background on some of the top-tier motor clubs

More than 3,000 towing companies comprise FleetNet’s network in the US and Canada. However, the Cherryville, NC-based company isn’t strictly a motor club. “We are the largest medium and heavy-duty nationwide towing network, among other things,” explained Heather Holt, the company’s director of marketing.

Holt said that FleetNet America is a third-party maintenance management company that coordinates emergency roadside service and maintenance management services for all types of vehicles except automobiles.  Holt added that FleetNet’s vendors do not pay a fee to join the network.

FleetNet’s services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the United States and Canada. “We are responsible for nearly 300,000 events annually and manage over 500,000 vehicles,” said Holt.

Of the 300,000 events each year, said Holt, more than 34,500 are towing-related. Those events involve any of the following: tows, winch-outs, accidents, swap-outs, load shifts, pull starts and jump starts.

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