Benefits of TMcare®

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Manage maintenance with TMcare®

Regularly maintaining heavy-duty vehicles is one of the most important things fleets can do to control costs and keep their trucks operating efficiently. Implementing a fleet maintenance plan is an easy way to record the repairs and replacements you need. The TMcare program from FleetNet America® is an easy way to make sure all vehicles remain in good condition.

What is TMcare?

Total maintenance care (TMcare) is a fleet management program that provides solutions for preventive maintenance (PM), roadside breakdowns, and other services such as towing and tire repair. This strategy is designed to prevent, solve or fix any problems a fleet faces (and help reduce maintenance costs). When you become a TMcare customer, you’ll be assigned an account representative who will take care of all maintenance issues from start to finish. This representative works with your fleet manager (or fleet team) and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to protect your company’s best interest.

How the maintenance process works

When maintenance is needed, TMcare will schedule the service and monitor your trucks until the work is complete. Here’s how the process works: 

  1. FleetNet contacts a vendor and schedules the work
  2. The customer issues the authorization number and works with their account representative to coordinate the time and location
  3. FleetNet follows up with the vendor until the job is complete
  4. The vendor invoices FleetNet
  5. FleetNet audits the invoice for accuracy and then pays the vendor
  6. FleetNet sends an invoice to the customer, who pays us upon receiving it
  7. TMcare personnel archive the invoice and all inspection forms in our electronic equipment files system

Because FleetNet manages every event from beginning to end, customers can focus on their core business rather than worry about equipment upkeep and repair.

The benefits of TMcare

No matter how big or small your fleet is our TMcare team can help you properly maintain your equipment. As a member of our fleet maintenance program, you have access to these benefits:

A dedicated account representative

The representative assigned to your account works hard to become an expert for your fleet. Once they’re familiar with your business and maintenance strategy, they can help determine the cause of equipment failure, failure trends, costs and what steps can be taken to improve future results. Their primary goal is to reduce your fleet’s expenses as much as possible while keeping your company in compliance with preventive maintenance standards.  

More efficient vehicles

One side of TMcare is making sure your trucks are PM compliant — meaning we schedule routine checkups for all of your equipment to ensure it’s still operating normally. Scheduled maintenance can help detect issues before they become major failures, which helps prevent events like roadside breakdowns. When fleet vehicles are running efficiently, drivers are more likely to stay safe and deliver shipments on time. 

A customized maintenance plan

Every fleet has different needs. Because of this, TMcare is designed to be flexible and provide whatever services a carrier requires. When you start the TMcare program, your account representative will help you set up a strategy unique to your fleet. The process you create can help you achieve goals and improve productivity. By assisting customers in building their maintenance plan, we help them feel more confident in the condition of their vehicles. 

Insights from your data

Your TMcare representative records the data from every maintenance event and stores the information in electronic equipment files. You can access this data on the FleetNet America website via a secure log-in 24/7/365. If you have any questions about the information that’s present, just contact your account representative. With more than 30 years of maintenance experience, our TMcare representatives can find patterns within your data and offer industry expertise and valuable insight that could save you money over time.

FleetNet America TMcare highlight

The TMcare team works hard to prevent and resolve maintenance events to help save you money and keep your trucks operating smoothly. The example below shows how we helped a company save more than $33,000.  

A FleetNet America customer was experiencing a drop in oil pressure every time a particular vehicle stopped. When a tow truck took the vehicle to the dealer for a diagnosis, the dealer determined the truck was running on gasoline instead of diesel. TMcare relayed this information to the customer, and was told that gasoline in the tank couldn’t be the issue because another truck got fuel from the same station and pump and wasn’t having problems.

To figure out what was really going on, a TMcare account representative ordered a fuel sample. When the sample tested negative for gasoline, we contacted the OEM, who found that the fuel injectors were causing the problem. We then worked with the dealer to have the injectors replaced. While negotiating with the OEM about warranty coverage, we were informed one injector was damaged, causing major engine failure.

While the OEM suggested only repairing the one faulty injector, our TMcare team knew this wouldn’t fix the overall problem, and we insisted the entire engine be replaced. The TMcare account representative for this customer ensured all items were covered under warranty, which helped save the company more than $33,000.

Enroll in the TMcare program

Get solutions for all your maintenance needs with TMcare. For more information about how we can help you reduce maintenance costs and to learn how to enroll in the program, call 1-855-836-3912.