Improve Costs on Fleet Maintenance

Sunbelt Rentals Draws on Data to Improve Decision Making, Increase Uptime, and Meet Industry Challenges

Inflation, driver shortages, and supply chain challenges are some of the many factors that cannot be controlled in the fleet industry today. By partnering with FleetNet America, companies can analyze data to drive decision-making, improve costs, and increase uptime. Find out how working with FleetNet America is saving Sunbelt Rentals on repairs.
Working with challenges

Maintaining Equipment and Meeting Drivers’ Needs in a Post-Pandemic World

This year our fleets have been challenged with driver and tech shortage, parts, and supply chain shortage. FleetNet America is here to make your job easier with access to over 70,000 service providers and quicker by offering many options to report and track your event such as the mobile app, text-to-link and live event tracker. For more information call 877-559-9640.