Increasing Customer Engagement Improves the Customer Experience

Customer Engagement Improves Customer Experience

Increasing Customer Engagement Improves the Customer Experience

From unexpected disruptions, such as COVID-19 and equipment shortages, to new technology in Class 8 trucks, the pace of change for trucking fleets is rising. As a result, fleets’ needs can change quickly, and FleetNet America is putting customers’ needs at the heart of its operations. 

“Our goal is to do business in a way that works best for our customers,” said Jeremy Mikell, Executive Vice President of Customer Engagement for ‎FleetNet America® “To do that, we’re focused on engaging with our customers.”

To increase engagement, FleetNet has created a new team devoted to customer interactions.  “We are focused on enhancing the customer experience, and the customer experience is driven by how you engage with the customer,” Mikell said.

The new team will facilitate interactions between FleetNet, its customers and suppliers. The team will be led by Mike Hagaman, a FleetNet veteran and Senior Director of Customer Engagement. Hagaman has been with FleetNet for more than 20 years, serving some of FleetNet’s largest and longstanding accounts. “Mike’s deep understanding of the changing needs of our customers makes him a good fit to lead this team,” said Paul Gildenhorn, Vice President of Sales for FleetNet.

The customer engagement team will become the central nervous system of the relationship, handling challenges and solutions, monitoring the overall heartbeat of the customer and anticipating where the customer is headed.

“All customers are going to call you when they have a problem, but in this scenario, we’re calling proactively,” Hagaman said. “We’ll be keeping an eye on the account daily, helping our customers focus on things that can reduce breakdowns, increase savings and improve our long-term working relationship.”

As part of its role, the team will monitor changes in volumes and trends in equipment.

“If we know how the customer is evolving, we can determine how to tweak the services to best meet any changing requirements,” Hagaman said. “The customer engagement team will have a pulse on our customers’ needs much quicker than an account representative.”

The FleetNet team has several tools to help evaluate volume and trends along with current and future demands. By maintaining a close relationship, FleetNet can help customers uncover desires and demands they may not even realize they have.

“Mike has a good middle seat to look at the customer and then look at the operations and say, ‘This is what we can do.’ We want to put our ear to the ground and understand where they are going,” Mikell said.

The world around customers is changing rapidly. “So much so that the customer may not even know what they want. It is up to us to figure that out,” Hagaman said, adding that the ease of doing business has become a much bigger priority. “We want to be able to help them.”

Hagaman said the overall goal is to increase communication throughout the company. “Being more in touch and more engaged with our customers will help us provide a better service,” he said.

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